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August 16

Eddy Lai annouces retirement

On my 50th birthday. I like to announce that I will be officially retired from full time racing duty. My racing interest started much before taking the Jim Russell Racing School with Richard Spenard. When I was 8 years old, one of my brothers was competing in a 125cc go-kart; while my other brother was racing a Mini Cooper “S” at the famous Macau Circuit. I didn’t realized back then, but they were my earliest childhood heros.

My racing career started relatively late at the age of 20. Through the years I was able to chock up four championship win; and one runner-up. Include: (1) Solo-1 Champion and the Ontario Production Car Championship (runner-up); both in same year. (1) ICSCC Touring Car Champion. And (2) Rally Champion in consecutive years.

In the last 30 years my racing experience include:
-Honda/Michelin Challenge series
-Firestone Firehawk Endurance Series
-Formula 2000 Series
-Rothman Porsche Cup cars
-Players GM cars
-Mosport 24 Hours Endurance race
-Ice Racing

-World Challenge Touring Car Championship
-Molson Indy Vancouver Races
Beside my driving duty. My racing involvement also include:
-development of Toyota Celica rally car
-developemtn of Toyota Tercel Championship winning rally car
-development of BMW M5 suspension for racing purpose
-development of VW Golf Gti endurance race car
-development of Toyota MR2 Solo racing car
-development of Toyota Corolla GTS Championship winning race car
-development of Mercedes-Benz 190E 16V Championship winning race car
-development of Mercedes-Benz 190E rally car
-development of Mercedes-Benz C230 coupe
-development of Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK55 GT3 for ALMS
-development of SAAB Canada endurance race car
-development of Hyundai Canada road cars for homologation
-support to AMG FIA GT race at Laguna Seca
-advanced driving instructor for Porsche club
-advanced driving instructor for Ferrari club
-advanced driving instructor for Chinese car club in Toronto and Vancouver
-advanced driving instructor for Pirelli tire
-advanced driving instructor for VW
-organizer of Solo race events
-organizer/instructor advance driving school
-radio co-host

March 20

Founder of Flying Tiger Development

Eddy Lai is the founder of Flying Tiger Development and a long time race car driver. He is also responsible to bring AMG Mercedes Tuning products into Canada since the 80’s. Although it was carried under different names through the years, Mr. Lai has always been the one to orchestrate on taking out all the personal modifications. From the early days of assembling AMG Hammer and Wide Body SEC’s to today’s suspension and brake upgrades on SL and CL. His vast experience in racing, marketing and Mercedes-Benz products lend him ease to realise the potential of all models.

March 18

Our “original goal” for Flying Tiger

Our ‘original goal’ for Flying Tiger was simple: we believed there was an opportunity in the world of motorsport to get closer to our customers and to help them to satisfy the needs of their target audience, the car buying public. Over the years, we have ‘fine-tuned’ that strategy, and today we see the increasing relevance of this mission.

Flying Tiger Products

Flying Tiger carries and distributes exclusive performance products from manufacturers such as ATS Wheels, AMG, Klann Tools and Mercedes Benz.
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Contact Flying Tiger

If you have any questions
regarding the Flying Tiger Racing Team or the products we offer, please
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