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RENNtech, Inc. is owned and managed by Hartmut Feyhl – widely recognized as the nation’s foremost expert on Mercedes-Benz high performance. Born in Affalterbach, Germany, he spent twelve years at AMG Germany before being appointed Technical Director of AMG North America. During his time at AMG, he was instrumental in the development of the famous four valve “Hammer” engine, and also AMG’s four cylinder racing engines. In 1989, he left AMG to form RENNtech, a high-performance tuner of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

RENNtech’s philopsophy has always been to produce cars without compromise, and that dedication continues to this day. Hartmut personally oversees the construction of each vehicle, and every RENNtech car is assembled entirely by hand. True to Mercedes-Benz quality, RENNtech cars are designed to be fast yet refined. Regardless of specification, they run faultlessly, idle smoothly, and have reliability and ease of maintenance comparable to the stock Mercedes-Benz. This attention to detail has made RENNtech the choice of some of the most discriminating enthusiasts in the world.

When Hartmut Feyhl founded RENNtech, Inc., in 1989, it was inevitable that he would become the foremost authority on aftermarket Mercedes-Benz tuning. With more than 20 years of experience as an award-winning automotive engineer, his uncanny ability to elevate the performance of a Mercedes-Benz to its maximum potential has won rave reviews from car enthusiasts nationally and internationally. That’s because no one knows how to coax a Mercedes to perfection like Feyhl, who regularly astounds the industry by producing his RENNtech signature cars that are the ultimate in comfort, reliability, and performance.

Feyhl’s love affair with Mercedes-Benz automobiles dates back to his childhood in Germany. His fascination with speed and the lure of the AMG factory located just a stone’s throw from his back yard lead him to an apprenticeship at AMG while he was in his teens and earning a degree in mechanical engineering. He was quickly promoted through the ranks and eventually earned the title of “Master Mechanic,” the highest award obtainable by the German Chamber of Trade. When he wasn’t firmly planted under the hood of a Mercedes, he also spent a great deal of time behind the wheel as a successful Kart and Formula Ford European Championship contender.

In 1986, Feyhl was named Technical Director of AMG’s North American headquarters in Chicago. It was here that he gained international recognition by building the first AMG “Hammer” in Germany and thereafter in the United States. The “Hammer” was immediately dubbed “the hottest passenger sedan in history” by Car and Driver magazine.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Feyhl yearned to stretch his creativity to the limits. He decided to strike out on his own in 1989, realizing he could fill a unique niche in the U.S. marketplace. Feyhl founded RENNtech, Inc. with the goal of offering discerning Mercedes drivers a way to enhance their cars to maximize performance potential and increase safety without sacrificing comfort.

Soon after Feyhl founded RENNtech, clients from throughout the world descended on his Palm Beach County headquarters in Florida. Word-of-mouth advertising and glowing reviews by some of the nation’s top automotive publications resulted in a steady stream of customers, including celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld, Sylvester Stallone, Alan Jackson, Ken Griffey, Jr., Steven Tyler, and OCC’s Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. who wanted nothing less than Feyhl’s ingenious mark on their cars.

Today, Feyhl is recognized as a virtuoso at the zenith of his career. Cars from all over the world are sent to Feyhl for a RENNtech makeover, which can range from a few minor enhancements, parts or modifications to a total revamping that is akin to major surgery. In some cases it may take several months for Feyhl to painstakingly work his magic, so more than a few clients have opted to “visit” their cars while they are being pampered at RENNtech. When Feyhl finally reunites a car with its owner, one thing is certain – another RENNtech masterpiece is about to claim the road

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